English WOW Day!

On Thursday, the school celebrated English WOW day.  All of the school took part this is what they were up too.

Little Gerrans: Retold our favourite stories using our puppet theatre and story sacks. Painted some of our favourite books characters and then were told stories by the Year 6s from Menabilly in the afternoon.

Crinnis: Crinnis spent the day celebrating Charlie and the Chocolate factory! They created a dance to show Charlie’s celebration in finding  the golden ticket, made pots which they cooked their new invention of a sweet in and made packaging to describe what happens when you ate their sweet.

Booley: Made pictures of dragons using natural materials.

Polmear: explored exciting sentences about their natural material dragon pictures, retold their favourite stories to each other and created a dragon inspired dance to medieval music to celebrate stories of dragons.

Polkerris: spent the day exploring characters and letter writing.

Silvermines: Silvermines enjoyed their day creating their own versions of “The book with No Pictures”

Carnjewey: Celebrated with a book treasure hunt, story based games, created stories using a random story generator and designed new book front covers.

Menabilly and Duporth: Spent the day exploring what made a good bedtime story! We read and explored some of our favourite bedtime stories and then planned and created our own. The children then enjoyed  sharing them with Little Gerrans and Crinnis. They got lots of positive reviews!